4. Brian drank too much last night
Irregular verbs

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As you have already seen in the the lesson Past Simple, verbs may be regular or irregular, depending on their second (past simple) form. In this lesson, we will practise the use of irregular verbs.

Irregular verbs have to be learnt by heart or by practice. Below, you can find the first list of irregular verbs (with the most common verbs) and the second list of irregular verbs.

Remember that we use the second form of the verb with Past Simple. Be sure you know how to form affirmative, interrogative and negative sentences and that you are familiar with the examples of Past Simple sentences.

First list of irregular verbs (50 verbs)

The first list contains the most common irregular verbs. These are the irregular verbs that you should learn first.

First Form
Present Simple Form
Second Form
Past Simple Form
(to) be was / were (a) fi
(to) become became (a) deveni
(to) begin began (a) începe
(to) break broke (a) rupe
(to) bring brought (a) aduce
(to) buy bought (a) cumpăra
(to) choose chose (a) alege
(to) come came (a) veni
(to) cost cost (a) costa
(to) do did (a) face
(to) draw drew (a) desena
(to) drink drank (a) bea
(to) drive drove (a) conduce (mașina)
(to) eat ate (a) mânca
(to) fall fell (a) cădea
(to) feel felt (a) simți
(to) find found (a) găsi
(to) fly flew (a) zbura
(to) forget forgot (a) uita
(to) get got (a) obține
(to) give gave (a) da
(to) go went (a) se duce
(to) have had (a) avea
(to) hear heard (a) auzi
(to) keep kept (a) păstra
(to) know knew (a) ști
(to) leave left (a) pleca
(to) lose lost (a) pierde
(to) make made (a) face
(to) meet met (a) (se) întâlni
(to) pay paid (a) plăti
(to) ride rode (a) merge cu
(to) read read (a) citi
(to) run ran (a) alerga
(to) say said (a) spune
(to) see saw (a) vedea
(to) sell sold (a) vinde
(to) sit sat (a) sta jos
(to) sleep slept (a) dormi
(to) speak spoke (a) vorbi
(to) spend spent (a) cheltui
(to) stand stood (a) sta în picioare
(to) take took (a) lua
(to) teach taught (a) preda
(to) tell told (a) spune
(to) think thought (a) (se) gândi
(to) wake up woke up (a) (se) trezi
(to) wear wore (a) purta
(to) win won (a) câștiga
(to) write wrote (a) scrie

Second list of irregular verbs (30 verbs)

The second list contains irregular verbs that are also common and important, but that you can learn in a second phase, when you're ready to.

First Form
Present Simple Form
Second Form
Past Simple Form
(to) bite bit (a) mușca
(to) build built (a) construi
(to) cut cut (a) tăia
(to) dream dreamed / dreamt (a) visa
(to) feed fed (a) hrăni
(to) fight fought (a) lupta
(to) forgive forgave (a) ierta
(to) freeze froze (a) îngheța
(to) grow grew (a) crește
(to) hide hid (a) (se) ascunde
(to) hit hit (a) lovi
(to) hold held (a) ține (în brațe)
(to) hurt hurt (a) răni
(to) lay laid (a) pune, (a) așterne
(to) lead led (a) conduce (pe cineva)
(to) learn learned / learnt (a) învăța
(to) lend lent (a) împrumuta (cuiva)
(to) let let (a) lăsa
(to) light lit (a) aprinde
(to) mean meant (a) însemna, (a) vrea să zică
(to) put put (a) pune
(to) quit quit (a) renunța
(to) ring rang (a) suna
(to) rise rose (a) răsări, (a) (se) ridica
(to) set set (a) seta, (a) aranja
(to) shoot shot (a) împușca
(to) sing sang (a) cânta
(to) steal stole (a) fura
(to) swim swam (a) înota
(to) throw threw (a) arunca