Grammar | Past Continuous
Past Continuous indică acțiuni care erau în desfășurare într-un moment din trecut. Past Continuous se mai numește și Past Progressive. După cum probabil ai înțeles deja, atunci când un timp este progressive, el desemnează acțiuni în desfășurare. Acțiunile aflate în desfășurare sunt întrerupte fie de alte acțiuni, fie de momente specifice. Pe această pagină, afli toate detaliile despre Past Tense Continuous.

8. What was he doing when you took that photo?
Past Continuous

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Past Continuous

We form Past Continuous like this: Was/Were + [Verb + ING]

Note that: Past Continuous is also called Past Progressive because it refers to actions that were, at a certain moment in the past, in progress.

When do I use Past Continuous?

We use Past Continuous when we refer to interrupted actions in the past.

e.g.: He was talking to Jeremy when I took that photo.

He was talking to Jeremythe interrupted action (Past Continuous)
when I took that photo.the action that causes the interruption (Past Simple)

Use cases:

Affirmative / Interrogative / Negative

Read the table below to see how we form Past Continuous in the affirmative, interrogative and negative.

  Affirmative Interrogative Negative
1st person Singular I was eating pizza. Was I eating pizza? I was not eating pizza.
2nd person Singular You were listening to music. Were you listening to music? You were not listening to music.
3rd person Singular He was talking to Clara
She was talking to Jeremy.
The dog was sleeping.
Was he talking to Clara?
Was she talking to Jeremy?
Was the dog sleeping?
He was not talking to Clara.
She was not talking to Jeremy.
The dog was not sleeping.
1st person Plural We were washing the dishes. Were we washing the dishes? We were not washing the dishes.
2nd person Plural You were cleaning the room. Were you cleaning the room? You were not cleaning the room.
3rd person Plural They were surfing the Internet. Were they surfing the Internet? They were not surfing the Internet.

When & While

The conjunctions when and while are used very often in sentences that contain verbs in the Past Continuous.

When is followed by Past Simple.
He was talking to Jeremy when I took that photo.

While is followed by Past Continuous.
The girls were preparing the meat while the boys were chopping sticks for the fire.


We can use contractions only in negative Past Continuous sentences:

* In Romanian, Past Continuous is translated using imperfectul.